Southwest App Case Study

Redesigning the Southwest Mobile App

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My role | 2014

  • UX design
  • Prototypes

As part of the re-design of the southwest mobile app, a key product feature from the roadmap was adding a way to facilitate re-booking repeat trips. We also needed to add the ability to use companion passes and airport maps. For the Southwest App I worked on:

  • Creating personas of Sluice users
  • Improving the floor plan tool
  • Designing and documenting a “magic link” onboarding flow
  • Created an onboarding video to introduce the app to new users


Adding hot rebooking & Early Bird check-in to the Southwest mobile App.


We had to focus on low-effort/high-reward improvements to Sluice that would make appraisal work easier. We identified several:

  • UX improvements to the floor plan tool with low-dev effort
  • Design and implement Magic Link onboarding
  • New App Store Screenshots and Marketing video
  • Minor cosmetic updates to the UI

Exploration and Iteration

Whiteboard Sketch

White boarding helped work out the new flows

Original booking user flow

Original Booking Flow

The original user flow (above)
featured a linear process from sign in to booking confirmation.

Hot booking user flow

Revised Hot Booking Flow

Our revised flow streamlines the purchase process, allowing returning users to skip previously entered payment details and contact information.

Companion user flow

Revised Companion Booking Flow

Our revised flow streamlines the contact info needed of companion passes.

Sample Android Wireframes

Android Wireframes - Booking

I developed the Android wireframes for the booking redesign.

Android Wireframes

My Android wireframes also revised the account enrollment process

Android Wireframes - Utilities

I also developed wireframes for utility section of the iOS and Android app (Android above).


Results and what I learned:

  1. The conversion rate for users who clicked the magic link was 100%.
  2. I had to work under very strict technical constraints, but still advocated for what I believed was essential to improving the user experience.
  3. I learned that sometimes it’s best to say no to new features.
  4. Creating a graph to help explain to stakeholders our progress in improving the email conversion funnel.


Southwest Checkin & Flight Status: Wireframes [PDF]
Southwest Booking: Wireframes [PDF]

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